Ottawa’s premiere cover band.

If you’re looking for an amazing night of tunes (you aren’t sick of hearing!) then come out and party with this vocally driven, five member musical tour-de-force!.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be the opening headliner for the 2017 Metcalfe Fair! It’s a FREE show (with fair admission) so come see us at one of the best events of 2017!!!!










We’re baaaaack!! Sussex is coming back to Moose McGuire’s on September 30!! This is going to be a great night at a really great location. Get there early for some awesome food and drink and stay and rock out the night with us!










Comin up!! We’re at Moose McGuires on July 15!! This is going to be a great night at a new venue for us! Come show your support and let’s party it up!!!!










And in big news, Sussex will be opening up for The Darby Mills Project. Darby is, of course, famously known as the lead singer of the Headpins!! We have tickets for this awesome show, get em while you can!! Drop us a note via email or on Facebook!








Killing it in the Valley!!

Sussex had a blast rocking out at St. John’s Pub in Arnprior! What a great venue!!!








Rockin for Rogers House!

Sussex had a blast rocking out La Piazza in an effort to raise funds for Rogers House. This is a favourite charity of ours and we got to also play at Bert’s Bar at the Canadian Tire Centre during round 2 of the playoffs in another fundraising event. We look forward to the next one and appreciate everyone’s support to this amazing organization.








It’s always a killer night when you get to open up for the best Kiss tribute band there is! We warmed the crowd up as only Sussex can and it was a fantastic night!!!



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Band Bios



Lead Vocals

Elyssa sings… No really, she SINGS like it should be a four-letter word! And when she’s not singing, she’s head down in lab work attaining her masters in some kind of crazy sciencey-thing-a-ma-jig that us mere mortals (let alone us musicians!) would never understand. Ever.



Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

This, is Super Dave… SD sings, he plays keys, he plays guitar, he even lugs gear, and what makes it all the worse? — he’s just simply one of the nicest guys on the planet. He’s our most experienced performer in the group having been in 732 bands.



Lead Vocals, Guitar

This scruffy looking fella is Regular Dave (or Awesome Dave as some like to call him). He also sings and plays guitar. He was born into music, his Dad and uncle were rock stars. He’s not a rock star, but that’s ok, he’s still pretty good and we’re keeping him for now.




Paul bangs things and does a lot of counting! Actually this highly-accomplished drummer comes to us from the Jazz world, but we’re not holding that against him as he rivals Super Dave for Nicest Guy on the Planet award.




Every band needs some bottom end, and Sussex is no different, so filling out our bottom is Ben. He’s our front man and if he’s not playing bass on the dance the floor, he’ll be darned sure to try to be. He’s also our main promoter, and the glue that keeps us all together.